Physical & Mental Training

Medical Follow-Up


On-Track Assistance

Marketing & Management

Get the best out of your Potential

In Campos Academy, we focus on helping you to take full advantage of your qualities, and on finding how to improve your weaknesses.

Learn the Basics
  • Braking technic, trajectories, new tracks
  • Data adquisitions, vehicle dynamics, setup and mechanical lectures
Reach your Potential
  • Develop your analytic mind, your anticipation capacity and your instinct
  • Become more complete physically to perform under fatigue
Perform under Pressure
  • Manage your focus and appreciation of situations to put in practice your knowledge and your full capacities
  • Adquire the strength to focus not only on your objective, but on the way to reach it


By training at Campos Academy, you will obtain :

The Right Approach
  • Discipline and notion of sacrifice
  • Daily competition with other professional drivers
  • Improve your strength and correct your weaknesses
  • Work on your analytic mind with fatigue
  • Find the key to unlock 100% of your potential
A Training for On-Track Performance
  • Day by day physical training
  • Dedicated work on your balance and reflexes
  • Strengthen your neck, arms and legs
  • Work on your resistance and endurance
  • Coordination Eye-Hand, agility and rapidity work


A full medical follow-up helps you to evaluate perfectly the condition of your body and to compare the progression in numbers.

Your Body is your Main Tool
  • Vo2 Max Test
  • Full check-up and blood analytics
  • Nutritional Evaluation & Planning
  • Adapted training plan to reach your objectives
The “Academy Test”
  • Various evaluations per year
  • Discover your different capacities
  • Improve your reaction time and your habilities
  • Compare your results with other drivers


Our two modern simulators will bring you the experience you need to improve your driving technic before joining a more expensive track experience.

An Unique Training Module
  • GP2, GP3, F3, F4 & Formula E models perfectly reproduced through our datas
  •  Braking and steering feedback identical to reality
  • Live Telemetry comparing with our professional
    drivers’ references
  • Aerial trajectory comparaison system
  • Live communication with the engineer for immediate
    driving correction
  • Online access to post-session analysis report
  • All European and many extra-European tracks to get
    ready for your event
Get our own Simulator at home
  • Full training module at your disposition 24/7
  • References and datas to help you to progress

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Be surrounded by motor racing experts during your tests and races. Campos Academy’s assistance service provides you with the possibility to send a dedicated professional in order for you to focus only on your work as a racing driver.

A Team of Experts at your Service
  • Choose between three types of assistance :
    – Driver Coach
    – Physical Preparator
    – Engineer
  • Dedicated exercises (wake-up, warm-up, visualisation)
  • Video and Datas study
  • On-track Eye
  • Physiotherapy sessions at the end of the day
  • Press and Team relations
  • Nutrition / Hydration assistance

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In order to have your name known in motor racing, it is important to have a proper marketing service promoting your activities, results and achievements. Campos Academy provides you these services.

Fully Functional Website
  • All your news and activities
  • Photo and Video galleries
  • Extra platform for your sponsors and partners
  • Possibility to set a multilingual version
  • Regular updates
  • Newsletters writing
  • Dispatch of your informations to sponsors and press

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