Vivacqua on the podium at Le Castellet

Brazilian driver Thiago Vivacqua scored a podium finish on his maiden EuroFormula Open racing week-end at Le Castellet.

Starting from the front row in Race 2 after having finished Race 1 in the Top 5, Vivacqua shone in rain conditions in order to grab the podium’s third spot behind Harrison Scott and Nikita Troitskiy.

While his team mate Florescu finished 7th, Finnish driver Simo Laaksonen, starting from the last position after an incident in Race 1, rounded out the Top 10 with one of the best race laps, proving himself as a first-places contender for the 2017 season. The other Brazilian from Campos Racing, Matheus Iorio, ended up at the 11th place.

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